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DeathSong # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 7:24 am

As for why Nazi Germany would attack before they were ready, There are two distinct reasons that can be seen easily 1. The need for resources and 2. a preemptive strike. The need for resources as been well explained by a previous comments
@aristarchus-of-samos but I would like to add one additional thought Nazi Germany had a peace agreement with Russia at the time yet they broke that for the oil fields in Southern Russia which in many ways was the single deciding factor causing them to loose the war. They were never able to recover from the loss of men and machines.
The second reason was for a preemptive strike. Nazi Germany meet all six of the conditions for a preemptive strike for the sake of time I would like to speak of two. the first was a reason for it. Nazi Germany was clearly in violation of the peace agreement that it made after WW1. Being as such the Allie powers had the right to use military force against it. There lies Nazi Germany’s motive. The means is straight forward which leads to the second part, Nazi Germany was better prepared than any other European country for war even though it was not yet at full strength. So by engaging in a preemptive strike Nazi Germany was able to take initiative in the war that was coming and by doing so conquer the the Allies of WW1 save England and America.(considering how reluctant America was to get involved in the last war and the miniscule support they gave they were not viable threat to Nazi Germany till Pearl Harbor.)

As for how could have Hitler been capable of such feats without the support of the German people simple answer was he could not. Yet he held a powerful weapon over the people FEAR! With a small core of extremely zealous and loyal followers and a powerful message and presence he was able to take power. Once in power the Nazi Party intimidated and removed their opposition and began the indoctrinated the youth. This culminated in the creation of the mechanism for creating mass Fear and pacified all opposition.