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Anonymous # Posted on August 11, 2012 at 3:18 pm

@smalls, Let’s change it, shall we? I’m gonna try.

Yes, I am crazy. I fell in love with someone over the internet and the basic reason for me to check HE is to see how like-minded people give their opinions about love, or intellect, or materialistic possessions, it is all ego. You can try to wait for someone to “make your day” with a brilliant idea or you can be that someone, just know that no one is going to benefit from what you DON’T LIKE. Check out how simple that is, no one cares what you don’t like, no one cares what are your complaints when you don’t have a better idea and no one even knows why should they care about empty complaints. That’s not CRAZY, that’s annoying. Here’s crazy.

Your arguments are getting you absolutely nowhere. Ако използвате преводача на google, ще разберете какво ви говоря. Ще е хубаво ако някой въведе на какъв език е приемливо да се общува в

Сега ще престана да говоря на български.

You all suck. In a unique way.