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Matheus Pinheiro # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 5:08 pm

What turns me on is the attraction made simple! Or when a girl is attracted to you and tries calmly to get out, but she knows she cannot do it. That is a total turn on for me, makes me feel like I am really interacting with the girl, chemistry is between us and makes time pass really fast. Okay, that makes me get confused and do not know exactly when to stop trying to kiss, but fuck! I do not get girls I only search for those who has good taste (cof-cof super confident).
It is good when you can forget about the world with a person by your side to do the same! Sex is a therapy for me because of this, it makes me forget about time and just let it pass, besides makes me to say fuck to other stuff. I only cannot say fuck when we are talking about condoms and not having kids, because this really matters.