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SinD Rae # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm

@ijesuschrist, This is so familiar to me. Especially the alcohol, it is the most unattractive thing when he is drunk and wants some, and I am sober. If there is too much alcohol involved, we both pass out before even thinking about it, or bypass the idea altogether because we know we are both way too sloppy to really get anywhere anyway. But yeah, one or two can get things going.

I guess I am just afraid that our connection will diminish if we aren’t having sex, but the opposite has proven true lately. He is extremely attractive but I don’t think of him as this sexy figure of a man that I want to fuck every time I see him. I see him as someone I respect and am excited to ride this roller coaster of life with. It feels good to know that we don’t need sex to have a fulfilling relationship, and I do miss it, though I am fully confident in our ability to work through this in our own creatively weird way.