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Ray Butler # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 11:08 am

@fucksake, No, I am saying that from birth we have a nature, personality is a reflection of how we process information, how we are conditioned by our experiences to process information.

I think that the average human artificially constructs a philosophical morality, subjective to degrees but often based on external guidance. In that process they choose to ignore their natural sense of love and behave according to that moral construct, but in essence their nature is over-riden, even destroyed, making them naturally a sociopath only but for the fact they remain obedient to the moral construct.

A “real” sociopath has neither the natural sense nor the philosophical construct to dictate their actions.

Did I put emphasis on being “you”? What I mean is there are natural compulsions within us, all our philosophising does is justify us in ignoring those natural compulsions, for what we decide are a more rational solution. But what I mean is that solutions that best correspond to that natural compulsion IS the most rational.