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Ray Butler # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Thought I’d elaborate on Social Capitalism.
Every business has a boss/owner/someone who gleans the profits, while the workers and management staff earn wages. Under the Corporate Capitalism, the boss/owner/capitaliser umbrellas more and more businesses under the one entity, so there are fewer people in the world making profit and more people earning wages. Under the Franchise system, sure you still have workers and management staff earning wages, that is inevidable, but you have more people as owners. Sure they are owners of small businesses, a cog on the wheel of the economy, but many more people see profit.
They speak of 1% but this number decreases more and more over time under the corporate conglomeration. Under Franchise, this percentage blows out, it could end up as much as 5% of the population, a percentage that is not as obscenely benefiting from the fruits of social labour as it is going. This still has the elite and rich but it has a more equal distribution of wealth and many more oportunities for every day people to get ahead, become a cog in their own right.
Many of the big corporate bosses got their start in a system much like the franchise system, they had oportunities that we do not have now. Why don’t we have those oportunities any more? Because those who were in a time when the oportunities existed, exploited those oportunities to their destruction, the result being this current situation of obscentity.
The Corporate Capitalist system cannot work because once a corporation becomes a clear dominant in its field, or God forbid a clear dominant in every field, it is the same result as monopolization. ie: The quality for price on products declines and innovative progress stalls. The Franchise system garantees competition and so maintains excellent quality on products for a reasonable price, and promotes investment into research and engineering, maintaining innovative progress.
So all around, the Franchise system is superior to the Corporate conglomeration system. We just need to place certain limitations to enable the Franchise system. It is important to keep in mind just what a corporation is: Yes it has a boss and shareholders, those who contribute little to reep the fruits of the labour of everyone who works for the company, those who capitalize, but those people also have limited liability. This is because the corporation itself, a non human entity, has rights. It has all the benefits we have but not all the responsibilities we have.
So the limitations I am speaking of installing to make the Franchise system practical, is limitations on the rights a non-human entity has. Limitations on the rights the law has given to a machine that we may serve it, that HUMANS MAY SERVE A MACHINE. I am saying we need to strip the machine of its right to dominate us to our injury.