Unless you’re the Dalai Lama, chances are you have trouble consistently taking time out of your day to center yourself.

Yet if you’re on this website, you probably¬†know that meditation is the #1 thing you can do to be more present, focused, stress-free, loving and creative.

I came across a brilliant mental gymnastic while perusing the /r/meditation the other day that will make this daily hurdle a thing of the past.

The trick is to systematically reduce the time you commit to mediating until it’s at a level to which you have zero resistance. For example…

“Can I meditate for 20 minutes? No, that sounds way too long.”

“Can I meditate for 10 minutes? Nope, I still have some resistance to that.”

“Can I meditate for 2 minutes? Yes, I can definitely do that!”

There are three major perks to this exercise:

  1. You may meditate for longer than you originally intended. I often think “I can go for another 5 minutes!” and end up doing several intervals of 5 minutes.
  2. You will form a strong habit of doing SOME kind of meditation each day.
  3. As you continue to build this habit, your average zero-resistance time will increase as meditation becomes easier.

I hope this helps you form a solid daily ritual that leaves you centered in a powerful way.

What is your zero-resistance time right now?