The Psychedelic Dialogues is an online video series where people share their experiences involving various psychedelics and plant medicines from around the world. An ongoing media project by Alexander Ward. Filmed during stays at various Ayahuasca Retreats and in travels through South and North America. From first time psychedelic explorers to prominent community figures such as Rick Doblin and Alan Steinfeld. All have a unique story to share!

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The Psychedelic Dialogues 07: Come with Intention

Miguel gives a short testimonial on his time working with Ayahuasca at the Tierra Vida Ayahuasca Retreat.

The Psychedelic Dialogues 08: Ayahuasca Heals the Heart

I sit down with Arelis as she talks about her path working with the Plant Medicines; how they’ve changed her life and where she goes from here. Arelis is working on setting up the ‘One Tribe Sanctuary’ in Puerto Rico. Check out her IndieGoGo campaign.

The Psychedelic Dialogues 09: The Only Medicine is Love

I sit down with Ivan as he talks about her path working with the sacred Plant Medicines; Unifying the tribes & families and how the medicine is his greatest teacher. Ivan is working on setting up the ‘One Tribe Sanctuary’ in Puerto Rico. Check out his IndieGoGo campaign.


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Find episodes one to three here & four to six here

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