The incredible artists over at Rational Comics don’t want to tell you about the best mindsets you need to be successful.

They want to show you.

When I interviewed Joshua, the creator of Rational Comics, about his motivation for authoring these comics, he said:

“I believe stories and comics are a powerful medium. I have seen how comics can educate and entertain people at the same time. So why not comics that talk about business, entrepreneurship and success? I want to make a place where people can learn about these topics in an engaging way. That’s the goal of Rational Comics.”

Check out the full 7 remarkable comics below.

Mountain Moving Man – Self-Belief

001: Mountain Moving Man, Dasrath Manjhi – Success Story Series & David J. Schwartz quote


Judo Boy – Resourcefulness

004: Judo Boy


Folk Atop the Mountain – Introspection

003: Flower Atop The Mountain

Richard Branson: YOLO – Be Present

007: Richard Branson – YOLO


Straight Tree and Crooked Tree – Innovation

015: Straight Tree and Crooked Tree


Thomas Edison: Hard Work is Missed by Most – Action

021: Thomas Edison – Hard work is missed by most

Take Chances, Take A Lot Of Them – Take Risks

025: Take Chances, Take A Lot Of Them

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