How old are you?

I was just wondering what the kind of age range there is on this website. I was looking for a...


What age is the right age?

Good morning, My name is Lynda Zavala. I’m doing a paper in school about what age is the right...


time goes way too fast

have you ever just stopped for a second and realize you are a certain age and a certain way and that...


Dating younger men than you?

So many men go after younger girls, making it somewhat of a commonality, but the opposite of that is...


Too Young For Love?

Is there an age for love? In my opinion, no. Children know they love their relatives, and slowly...


Just Enough Time to Live

For a while I’ve wondered why people want to live forever. Why watch all of your relatives and...


Anyone also have this issue?

I have always looked younger than I am.(btw I am male) And people have told me that I look a few...


seen any members over thirty post , wonder whose younger than 21

i happen to be 16 years of age according to the earth’s time representation :)


My revelations about ALL LIFE

This weekend I took shrooms for the first time, and I had all of these epiphanies – a lot of...

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