Infographics on bankruptcy from the beginning til the current time

Can anyone create infographics on the financial sector of USA? I want to know how many people and...


Is the progressive type attitude the new problem of America?

Obama definitely gave us a win with LGBT marriage being legalized, so thanks Obama. But do you think...


Sticks and Stones; Thoughts on the power of words

The rhetoric of intolerance in America fails to acquire a solution. It appears to  dwell on the...


Portland, OR

I hope to use this discussion thread in order to make more friends. I could type a description of my...


A message to all Americans: Thanksgiving

Had no better way of sharing this segment, so I copied and pasted. :) A message to all Americans:...


A Typical Life

My dilemma: I don’t want to live one but everything around me keeps pushing me towards one. I...


Conversations with America

F**k Donald Walsh’s Conversations…! I got to thinking recently that my daily...


Drug policy differences

Hello, Shallow search of the interwebz hasnt yielded results to what drugs/remedies are legal in the...


Suicide Rates Sharp Increase in US…? Explanation?

Mostly seen in the baby-boomers, but suicide has increased _30%_! 30 fkn percent! Suicide now...


Learning/Improving Spoken English & My Experience Coming to America.

Hello, my name is Christian Sotomayor. I recently made this video sharing my thoughts and experience...


Why don't Americans revolt?

Why are Americans not revolting right now? It’s clear we are all pissed off but no one wants to do...


Thoughts on University Education

I am currently a freshman at an American university. While I was growing up and trying to choose a...


Share With Me Your Energy!!!!!!!!!!


YES!!!! Shut it down, GOOD RIDDENS

If this government shutdown lasts long enough, it will effect the US catastrophically. I’m not...


Martial law?

Has anyone heard word going around about the government trying to separate the U.S. into districts...


Will America be better or worse in 100 years?

What will medicine be like, how long will people live, what will society and the government be like?

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