Do all angels have wings?

Do all angels have wings? i have seen them…….. in movies and pictures, and statues


Angels & Demons

I was around 13 when a psychiatrist finally gave it a name. Depersonalization disorder–in less...


How To Transend: Channeling From Beings Of Love

I am Drake, I am a channeler of BOTH sides (light and dark if you will), however, for this...


So I think I was visited by a spirit while high? Also astral projected?

Okay, so I’m new here and don’t exactly know what I’m doing. This is a long story,...


Angels, Demons, and the relentless battle between Heaven and Hell

I’ve been thinking this thought now for some time now and in my research I haven’t found...


how to contact spirit guides?

For the past two months before I completely fall asleep I try to stay aware of the images that start...


Are you a Guardian ?

Characteristics of A Guardian – Do They Resonate With You? We have had challenging in-utero...


"Lightworkers", a message for you.

I am merely the messenger, but after witnessing a friend go from harmlessly delusional to downright...


Lately I have insanely weird, and yet super vivid dreams.

Ok, so I’ve had 3 of these dreams so far. They go as follows. 1. Me and my whole family are at...

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