'The internet, new generations, and a growing consciousness

‘The internet, new generations, and a growing consciousness.’ It’s a new age. We...


How to really make a change internally & all round way of being?

I lost a very meaningful relationship because my mind & emotions together would create a...


Critique my article :D

Yo everyone! I’m in the process of creating a blog, and I’ve wrote a few articles...


A matter of being – striving

We are at a crisis of being. Identity too, but i find the search for ‘being’ or...


Being a little girl

Being a little girl is being a badass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The right to "be"….

That which makes us most unique and interesting is that which others seek to crush….. Micky


Self Inquiry Meditation: Direct path to Self Realization

The ego cannot comprehend the True Self as it is beyond thought, concept and objectification. The...


Got Any Questions? You will find the answers for most of them here.

http://www.mooji.org/mooji_answers.html#ask Mooji is a really great, awakened Master. His teachings...


To Inspire Creativity

Assuming you’ve read the latest article, I feel like a good way to reduce the zombie count is...

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