What is the best birthday party?

I need advices as I want to make something unbelieveble for my husband (24 year old).


20th Birthday

Would love to hear creative idea’s for my 20th Birthday from my fellow HEathens :)


Who Were You In Your Past Life?

The date of birth is much more than a date on which we celebrate our birthday. The day in large part...


Let's Wish Martijn A Happy Birthday

Hey HEthens, Today is Martijn’s (the co-founder of High Existence) birthday! I think it would...


Loving someone & showing it.

Love is so great! Look at you, you found someone who understands you and makes you feel not so alone...


My family is making my birthday party,I dont like it

I am antisocial.I dont like to get outside of my house.I dont like to deal with people.my parents...


Birth Tarot

I’m wondering what the tarot card that corresponds to my birthday is, and I’ve gotten...



How do you feel about them? Just another day or soulfully significant as an anniversary celebration...

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