If you infinite money, but still had to have a job, what would you do?

I would be an inventor, but not in the typical sense. I would invent apps, businesses, novels,...


I want to help people

I had a very intense experience yesterday as my Dark Night of the Soul ended with a bunch of...



It seems to me, that what we as a people desire most in this life is happiness. We are constantly...


The Bible is awesome, my bliss

I literally am so existed how my life has changed. The book has been my guide for a year now. I feel...


Do what YOU want to do.

Are you comfortable? Right now, in your warm room, relaxing after a long day of school or work? Are...


Reality Check.. Some advice?

Hello people of the internet, I feel as though my life situation is in a bit of a dilemma here. So...


Following your dreams vs. following your heart

Lately I have found myself in the middle of a combat between my heart and my dreams and I bet that...


Check Yourself For Daisys

Play a game with your friends and even strangers you pass down the street. Visualize a flower and...


Pure happiness

If happiness were the national currency, what would make you rich?


NEED creative outlet. Help?

Hi everyone. I’m feeling a bit lost and hoping for some good vibes/ideas. I used to be a music...


Why is my life not working out?

Hi lovely people I’ve been feeling stuck for quite some time and I wonder what I’m doing...


What Is Your Greatest Insight?

As above, so answer below :P


What is my stage name?

Ok so I have been trying to decide on what my stage name should be for a couple of months now. I am...


The American Dream and Risk

Go to school, make good grades, get into college, go into the real world, find a job, find a...


Afraid to follow my bliss

I’m currently 14, I’ve always dreamed of playing pro basketball but I feel like...


My body is like the tree of life

My body is like the Tree of Life My bones become branches My muscles become bark My skin transfroms...


Kickstarter – 5 days left

Hey everyone, My kickstarter only has 5 days left. It ends Easter sunday (4/20, bro!). I’ve...


Hitting. The wall.

Sometimes you may come to a point in life where the things you thought you liked, don’t really...

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