What are your favorite books? – style, dialogue, literary prowess etc.

EVEN BETTER IF YOU CHOSE YOUR ABSOLUTE #1 FAV I hope this isn’t a dup but i didn’t have...



Which are some of the most influential philosophical books and movies?


What is the absolute best book you've ever read?

I’m hoping to start reading more actual books again. What are the best or most...


PDF version of Stuart Wilde's Infinite Self

Does anyone have the pdf version (or a torrent with the pdf version NOT the audibook) of Stuart...


Your favourite books that contain an inkling of wisdom

Hi everyone, I’m looking for book recommendations – old or new, modern or classics :)If...


What are your favorite philosophical/spiritual books?

Hello! I have found books to be an excellent resource for this spiritual journey that I am on....


Feeling WTF to do!?!

WTF! *#@$%)*@#)$(@#$%*@# …… (on and on it goes) This is how I’ve been feeling as...


Books on selfishness for selfless people

Hey all A friend and I are very giving people as we were raised but both of us have problems with...


The Most Thought-Provoking Thing(s) You've Ever Experienced

Hello everyone! I had just recently watched Garden State, after seeing it here on High Existence, as...


What's your favorite book?

Let’s talk about books for a wile :) and share with people what’ s worth reading ) 


Have you read the quran?

Anyone read it? What is your take on it? Is it worth a read? Any other suggestions on it?


Could you become a writer if you hardly read books?

I’m looking to be a writer. I have a lot of ideas in my head of things I could write about,...


Advice/ Best reads/quotes to read while travelling

Hey guys! First of all – sorry if  this is not the place to post this, I’m kind of...


Favorite Books?

While i often see “top 10 books that will change your perspective” or something similar,...


The Secret Teachings of All Ages

I’m not sure if it will work, but I will try to give the link to a free download of this book...


[HE 30 Day Challenge] September 2015: Read a Book a Week!

“I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so...


I Want Your Suggestions

Hi. I’ll keep this introduction brief because I know time is of the essence for all of us....


Fiction Novel Suggestions??

I enjoy reading all kinds of different books, but especially those with a strong inspiring message....

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