What to do with a life

I recently started college, and I’m already having doubts as to whether or not I should stay...


Approaching any girl?

Anyone have any surefire way to approach any girl, anytime?


College?It's my first week is this just a big scheme to suck up our money?

After a recent trip I have started to question alot of things about my surroundings, and one of the...


Feeling Obligated to Lose Virginity

I will be entering high school soon and there is some pressure or obligation in my mind that is...


New to this whole College social life thing? Any advice???

Hey I was just wondering if anyone had any basic ideas like what the best thing is to say to...


Philosophy advice?

Hello everyone, I’m an undergraduate student planning to transfer to New College of Florida to...


where do/did you go to school

Hi I was just wondering where other HEthens attend, previously attended, or plan to attend college....


Need Serious College Advice!

I feel like you guys would offer some good advice and opinion so I figured I’d make a little...


What do you do when you want to do too much?

I just put my deposit in to go off to college in August and it has led me to thinking about my...


Help choosing a major

I am currently withdrawn from the college I started attending 3 years ago. I have taken a medical...


Feeling "Unlucky"?

Is it God? Karma? Both? Neither? There was a time in my life when a series of very unfortunate, and...


I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life

It seems like for a very long time I have felt lost and, at times, unsure of myself. It’s like...

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