Healing challange

What is one thing you can do this week to heal the community/ world around you? I would like to see...


HEthens in Michigan? ~ or people of other/no title, in Mi?

Just want to make some connections. Maybe we can stir the pot.


Finding Justice During a Tragedy

Hello all, I’ve been personally struggling in a search for justice for the past couple months,...



This has to do with Physical health and eating habits. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RANT. Anyone else having...


How to Catalyze a Paradigm Shift

I have been thinking about what I/We can do to change the global culture. My goals would be along...


Psilocybin and Cannabis Questions

Alright so, about two-two and a half weeks ago, I tripped shrooms for the second time. I took 1.3g I...


Anyone from Asheville Nc?

Just moved into town! Trying to find some people to hangout with. Not knowing anyone in a big town...

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