What do you think about Walter Russell?

Jordan posted an article about this interesting man: 5 Modern Da Vinci’s Rules of Success I am...


Molly for the 1st time at 38?

Ok, I feel pretty dumb for even bring here but I really would like to know if maybe you guys could...


Need Help & Advice (Taking mushrooms with girlfriend who has leukemia)

Hey guys! I’m currently at a stage of renewal and personal growth. I am 20 years old and...


Molly, usually its not MDMA

How does 2-ci mix with meth sound. This is a story a friend of mine posted of Facebook. I’ve...


who else loves mdma…??

share what you like about, best rolling memory, most you ever taken, everything!!


Searching for Me, and Discovering Happiness; My Revolutionary MDMA Experience

In the most recent months of my young life I have been introduced to stigmatized substances and...


Continued wide eyes

Hey:) my friend and I started using md over the last few months, but we always used powder form...

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