Universe thought reading

I want to know if other people experience this. People in public


The Pros and Cons of Being an *Empath*

I have recently discovered that I am an empath and have been researching the many pros and cons that...


Bad vibes from certain people?

Please read everything carefully, because there’s important details.. I know that many people...


We are one

I am a healer/lightworker/empath/energy worker. My desire is to connect to others who share the...


What happens after Enlightenment?

Hello Everyone! I am a new member here in High Experience and this is my first post and intro to...



My mind from an early age has been blissfully wandering in the 4th dimension. I will never quite...


I can get a read on people well. This person is different. Thoughts appreciated

I consider myself an empath and can generally get a read on people easily and it’s...

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