I don't know what is life all about.

Maybe I’m just being ignorant. Maybe I’m just thinking about myself only. But in the...


Experiencing Death in a Dream? Does it Scare You?

This has been driving me crazy for a long time. I’m really interested in hearing others’...


Views on the existence of God

(Just to set things straight, I’m not judging anyone. This is a school asignment). I just want...


It's time to wake up

Apathy. It astounds me. It’s everywhere, in every mind and every soul. Never have I felt more...


is religion REAL?

there can’t be one TRUE religion, right?


Why are we important?

They say without a story we are just another blank page in the book of existence. Destined to be...


What are your theories on life?

Hello everyone, I’m new here, but for quite some time I’ve been theorising on life....


The Creator

Do you believe in one? Or do you think of yourself as the creator? Who made all of this?


What is Wrong

With the world.  Lots can be considered rather fucked up. It’s not like trauma is a rare...


Why we are here

How we exist. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Isaac...


why we're here?

I don’t understand why are we here? I don’t think anyone here could be able to answer my...


The Road To Nothing

I don’t really know how to explain the situation I am in because I am not sure if even is a...


Pondering Existence

<p class=”p1″>I have this fantastical idea in my mind that I want to pursue...


Is existence a zero-sum game? How do you deal with its perceived futility?

I don’t know (I should just stop right there)… I don’t know how I came to be the...


Why the majority of people choose to be a follower rather than being a leader

Wherever I go, I see a bunch of followers, of fans, of supporters.. but only once in a while I see a...


Looking for creative friends in detroit area

I feel like i need more people in my life who are interested in talking about things like the origin...


Existential Crisis, Out-of-Body Experiences & Rejecting Science

I’m having a big-picture existential crisis. If anyone has advice on how to deal with my case,...


We are the universe!!!

Can’t you see guys? you are the universe, i am the universe, we are the universe, it’s...

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