Vivid imagination

Do any of you experience imagination so vividly that you can even recall the texture of surfaces,...


Looking for open minded adults

Not sure if this is ok to post if not I will dele”te but here it goes I have a group on...


Any science fiction and fantasy readers out here?

I’m wondering if any of you are science fiction and fantasy novel readers? If so, what are you...


Any science fiction and fantasy readers here?

Anyone out here who reads science fiction and fantasy novels regularly? I grew up on them, but I...


Sometimes I long to live in another world.

So, I am one to pride myself on being a nerd. And one of my favorite things ever is to get lost in...


Anybody here play Aion?

I just started and was curious!


A Call To Believe Fantastic Things

There is something that I must tell anybody who is in the position to read my words. I am a creator....

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