Where do you find real life HEthians?

I have been a longtime follower of HE but I have recently felt the lacking of a real life community...


Problem with closeness

Hi :) I have a problem with my friend. Nothing like that ever happended to me so I don’t know...


What do I need to do To stop this Affair?

Hey, My name is Raja I’m 19 years old and 6 months ago back in july on the 19th I met...


Friendship and Love are illusions. Why?

I read the article but that needs some clarity. Love and Friendship are .are nothing more...


Why the Friendship and Love are illusions.

I read the article but that needs some clarity. Love and Friendship are .are nothing more...



“Music is your only friend.” A quote from The Doors. Kinda starting to believe this.


Friendship is an illusion

I’ve been thinking about friendship for a while. What is friendship, anyway? Is it even real?...


What is your view on other people?

“Hell is other people” -Jean Paul Sartre To Sartre our bodies and consciousness are made...


Advising someone who is depressed.

Hi everyone,   I have a friend who I suspect is chronically depressed. His depression has been...


a guy invited me to church. what does that mean?

What does it mean if a guy invites a girl to his church?


Looking for friends to help me on my mission for self discovery!

I’ll start off by saying I’m extremely shy and socially awkward but I am feeling very...


Being friends by falling out of love

My ex ended our romantic relationship about six weeks ago. I met her at university, but it became...


poisoned food

by now the whole mosanto poisoning our food with GMOs should be really relevant in this time and...


Friend randomly stops being your friend?

A friend of mine (a guy, and I’m a girl) has recently started university (or college or post...


All I want is friendship

Sitting here and looking back, I don’t know where to begin. I really have no idea about how to...


A Single Man

Okay, so I watched the movie A Single Man last night. I found it universally depressing and...

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