Staying Inspired

Any things that you do daily, weekly, monthly to keep yourself inspired and motivated towards your...


Finding Your Passion

I’ve noticed that our generation doesn’t just want a job. We don’t just want a 9-5...


Creating a personal mission statement!!!

(Kvothe from Name of the Wind) So I was lying in bed last night and could not sleep for hours and...



I am completely lost. Now if you were an outsider looking at me you would never think it. I’m...


Becoming the best you

How can we live everyday to the best of our abilities and become the best we can be?


Vibrancy of Then – A poem

The past looks so vibrant when looked at through the glass of now. Later, now will be just as...


What Does Being An Individual Mean?

The following is a speech I gave to my school about what I believe the daunting task of becoming an...


Come Hither College Dropouts

So I hate College. It just isn’t for me. The time I’ve spent in the classroom I could...


Do we live in order to die?

As of the past recent weeks, I have been struggling with uncertainty. I feel as if anything we do in...


beach breach

8.8.13 The sunset is molten, sinking like a fiery yolk into the mashed-as-afterthought cloudworld,...


Anyone else thinking about starting an online business? (Share tips?)

The big step to taking full control of your life and becoming an entrepreneur. If you are one, what...


I'm stumped by this question

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things happening in my life recently and I came up with a...

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