Looking for open minded adults

Not sure if this is ok to post if not I will dele”te but here it goes I have a group on...


Lucid Dream Experience – Simple Fun and then… Spiritual Revelations

I’ve had plenty of lucid dreams; ask any of my friends and they’ll say I’ve ranted...


single-handedly 'take down' a Government

Purely for fun, what would be the best way to single-handedly ‘take down’ a Government?...


Mandatory fun time?

Just had an idea: – If all nation-states in existence signed a treaty, in which by cutting...


Need 6 HEthens to RP with!

So HE, I’m positive I want to write books and become an author. I plan on writing some...


Its TripDay

Hello fellow destiny weavers, Last night at 730 I sit in my car with two of my closest friends and...


The Epic Story (One Sentence Story)

Alright everyone!! Who wants to create and awesome collaborative story?! Just add on a sentence...


Weed Gives Me Anxiety Attacks

This November I am going to the Nine Inch Nails concert in Seattle. Recently, weed gives me anxiety...


Is it worth it?

I am going to the Wiz KHalifa & A$AP Rocky concert on wednesday & i was planning on trying...


What should I listen to on my first acid trip?

I’m more than likely going to be doing acid for my first time either tonight or tomorrow...


Tea Time!

Hey HEthens! So one of my favorite ways to consume weed is through tea. The way I make it actually...


HE meet-up in Portland OR?

i just moved to Portland for a month, anyone wanna meet up?

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