Paranormal activity.

Let’s share stories about spirits, ghosts and aliens.


What is the strangest (paranormal) experience you’ve ever had?

I’m curious to hear about experiences people have had that seemed like paranormal experiences...


Are spirits real?

You see all these shows on television now that depict people encountering spirits. But are spirits,...



Hi guys, my name is Matias and i´am really enjoying my experience...


Creative philosophical writings

Whats up Hethens, I recently have been writing for a philosophy class Im taking in college. I...


So I think I was visited by a spirit while high? Also astral projected?

Okay, so I’m new here and don’t exactly know what I’m doing. This is a long story,...


Are demons, ghosts, spirits, etc… real?

I’ve always wondered if there really are any of these, but its hard to know for sure. What...


I am taking calls for a new podcast tonight from 7-10 CST

Tonight from 7-10 CST I will be taking calls to record for a new podcast. So if you have questions...


Personal paranormal/metaphysical experiences

If you’ve ever experienced anything like this please share in detail. Ghosts, spirits, Ouiji...

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