Tips or Suggested Books on Growing or Hunting Shrooms? So I am planning on ordering some spores and syringes of Cubensis which...


Agriculture/Gardening Q n A

Do you have plants or maybe plants that are wilting? Need answers to grow better? Yield higher...


Friend randomly stops being your friend?

A friend of mine (a guy, and I’m a girl) has recently started university (or college or post...


What Is Your Greatest Insight?

As above, so answer below :P


Does family define who you will become

I have always wondered what other people think about this subject. Growing up I am sure we have all...


Most Painful Emotional Experience In Your Life?

Hey everyone, I’m just curious what the most painful experiences you have had in your life,...


Year round hydroponic food growing

I just came across this on kick starter, I think it’s a really good idea. I’d like to...

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