Whatever happened to that map of people on HE?

Like, Google-Earth style? Did that ever happen or was it shut down, and if so why?


Imagine you're provided a group of like-minded individuals to create something

Hey there HEthens! Imagine an unlimited supply of freethinkers with similar interests- what would...


HighExistence & Webpage hosting?

Hello everyone! So this is my first time ever posting on an online forum/blog of sorts. I was just...


I think i have a problem

and im going to be quick because i dont got time but the thing is, i dont get the computer that...


Where are the discussions?

Three years ago was when I first found HE. The focus in the early days was discussion, ideas and...


meditation retreat

Going to a meditation retreat this year is a goal of mine. Has anyone had a good experience or have...


Why aren't there more discussions?

So I uploaded my discussion earlier today and its still the only one today. Why is that?


[Official] Looking for a [paid] transcriber for HE's PODCASTS

Hey all! Jordan and I just got off the phone with Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS and we had an amazing...


What makes YOU a HEthen?

Being relatively new to HE, i’d love to know what makes you a HEthen; what specific qualities...


A High Like None Other (Meteor Watching)

My friend and I smoked a large bowl of this REALLY potent pot (the same strain I broke my pot...


What Happened to the Polls?

Simple Question? They have gone, but why? (The Archive live here:...


What does "God" mean to you?

I would like to start off by saying I am not a religious person, I’m not Christian, Muslim,...


HE Tumblr

I know there have been past posts about Tumblr, but from the ones I looked through most them are...

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