What is the greatest impact HighExistence has had on your life?

In his farewell note, Jordan Lejuwaan (HE creator) said the following of how HighExistence has...


HighExistence — You need to get Higher, or become BuzzFeed

HighExistence content has grown down as HighExistence as grown up. I’ve noticed a steady...


Website issues solved.

The issues over the past week with HE have been due to inefficient coding that was flooding the...


Quick question to the Admin! ( or anyone that can help)

Hey Guys! I remember on an old page layout there was an option where you could “LIKE” a...


Fixing a Feature on HighExistence

This may be just affecting me for some odd reason, but when i go to my account and try to access my...


If you owned HighExistence, what would you do with it?

First of all, thank you for your awesome testimonials, on the discussions and through mail (read...



Does anyone else feel lost with this new layout and wishes to bring the old one back? That’s...


The story behind HighExistence?

Hello, Just checking in to let you know that I really appreciate this community, and also to ask a...


Watch later button

Am i the only one who would use a watch later? Read later, check later, or whatever, but im not in...


Does anyone else simply LOVE this site?

I have spent time on news blogs, youtube comments, facebook etc, But non seem to appeal to me more...


What do you think of the new HighExistence?

First, a quick announcement: We are now promoting the best discussions each day to the front page!...



What has this troll ever done for HE?! What an asshole! Calling people out.


I'm new here, what's the deal with this site?

Just curious if this is a welcoming place, why do you like it here?


The new voting system: Democracy, hurray! (please up vote and see the magic)

Dear HEthens, This is a post to explain and convey the importance of the new voting system. On the...


HE 4.0 Is Here :)

This update has been over a year in the making. It’s the reason you haven’t seen much of...


What is your appetite for HighExistence like and why?

Having been a member of this site for a good amount of time and having lurked even longer, I have...


search function

I am so enamored of this site, looking for a music thread I caught a few days ago and lost. I wish...

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