How to balance compassion with honoring your true feelings?

I’m a big believer in the idea that “hurt people, hurt people”, and I also believe...


What are your thoughts on brutal honesty?

Would you consider brutal honesty as an asset to one’s character? Or would you rather...



It’s all we have, yet have so little of….


Cheating when married

What would you do if you have been married for 18 years and you cheated on your husband? I’m...


Let's Vent About It: Honesty Is The Only Policy

I have been obsessed with self help of all mediums since probably my freshman year of high school....


The mind of a manipulative bitch and loss.

Manipulation, isn’t this when one acts on something for sympathy and intentional attention.?...


Integrity and honesty at work

Has integrity and honesty dropped or disappearing at work places? What’s the reason? Is...


What to do About a Secret You Didn't Need to Know

My friend just told me something really personal about how he almost tried to kill himself one time...


Letting Go Of My 4th Self And Embracing My 5th

I’ve been self-medicating myself for the better part of the last decade. I think I went overboard...


While I lay in bed.

I feel like a different person. I actually want to do good in the world, and for myself. I long for...


Did I make the right choice?

So, yesterday I signed up for the AFROTC (Air Force ROTC) program in college (something I wanted to...


Happiness = Compassion

You could say it was by accident that I realised the correlation between the two. Only when focusing...


Honesty in Perfection

Spiritual honesty is when the ‘outer man’ portrays ‘inner man,’ and between...


Pathological Lying

Hey, “From the past couple of years I have been living a pretty ordinary life. Though,...


Today is the day.

Today is the day my friends. Today, is the day I do this. Today is the day I write the beginnings of...


Create an original wise quotation.

Create something you believe is wise and can make all of us ponder an bit. Have fun with it. Or do...


An Interesting Insight into Honesty

more interesting reading. how many apply to you?

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