How does it feel to be you

How does it feel to have the experience that you are having right now. Don’t  jump too...


How To Figure Out Your Life's Purpose In a Matter of Minutes

At some point in our lives, almost every one of us will ask ourselves, “What do I want to do...


Loving Myself

Every time I face unrequited love, every advice has to do with ‘loving myself’.  So...


The Creation of Thought

The other day, I was feeling a little down, nothing crazy just not great. Anyways the way those...


How to find inner peace and happiness and more

how ? why am i living for ? who am i ? what should i do in my life ?


How do you survive in this society?

I’ve been wondering lately how, if in the society I live in now, I’m unhappy, how can I...


What is the best way you've found to create love

I had a realization a while back that love was truly the only thing that mattered. As soon as I had...


Time Is Always Now

Think back to when you were a child. Pick your favorite, most vivid memory. Once chosen, visualize...


How are we actually gonna do it?

Change the current paradigm, I mean. Are we just going to wait for it to collapse under itself or...


How To Feel IT

In my article about the The Felt Presence of One-ness, I went over how everything is One and that...


Bioshock Infinite ending, and how it makes you think. HUGE SPOILER ALERT

So I just recently discovered this website, and the very first thread that I discovered was one that...


Life without a job?

This will be my first post since joining HE so first off I would like to say hello to my fellow...


The Awakening of a Dreamer and How I (and you) Can Affect Some Real Change

What can I do to affect some real positive change in my own community and eventually the global...

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