Love talking to people sometimes, hate it other times

Hey beautiful minds! I’m looking for advice and hope that some of you can share your...


Maintaining emotional health as an introvert working full time

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the emotional and social energy that’s required of...


Tell me who you are.

One hundred words, that’s all you get. It pretty easy to go on forever about your innermost...



Introvert? Anybody?


my social anxiety story

Hello everyone. So I was just wondering if anyone here deals with SA. I do and it sucks. but it is...


Feeling bad about being introverted….

So when I was younger I used to be quite extroverted, but as college went on I became a full fledged...


Inside my head vs. Real Life

People, I want to hear your voice. You are on High Existence for a reason. Recently I’ve been...

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