advice on training a sibling

Hello, Hethens. I’m 19. I’ve been attending joyfully to my health for a few years now. I...


Need help in making my dad understand higher perspectives

My dad is totally absorbed in all kinds of fearful conspiracy theories. He is almost full time...


Books are Knowledge

I need some thought provoking books to read! I like the classics like animal farm, 1984, and lord of...


Documentaries must watch, can you name some?

Which documentaries according to you are must to watch?


Religion only for those who are totally lost.

“Religion, only for those who are totally lost; it gives some key ideas to a road of truth, but...


Books, recommendations, thoughts and debates

Are you one of those few “freaks” in your town who is a regular user of the library? Do...


Crash Courses in History

Hey HEthens! If you’re like me, occasionally you like to take a break from wasting time on the...


The Panopticon and Panopticism

How does everyone feel about the Panopticon and Panopticism? It having to do with the power of sight...



Knowledge, is something that is always there. We are born to know everything and know everything.

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