Where is everyone from?

I know we have discussed this before but that was also a good amount of time ago. I think a new,...


Where in the world are you from?

I would like to gauge where everyone is from that uses this website. Maybe even use the data to make...


Hating a place and feeling heavy derealization, tropical

My living location is mysteriously driving me mad inside, and I am looking for an explanation, not...


Who wants to create a self sustainable community in Australia? I do!

What self sustainable/like minded communities are there here in Aus? I want to chat or meet up with...


Cool places to live

Sooooo I plan on going off to university next August but I am having a difficult time deciding where...


where do/did you go to school

Hi I was just wondering where other HEthens attend, previously attended, or plan to attend college....


HEthens in Melbourne, Australia?

Hey dudes and dudettes, I’m really interested to see how many of you awesome people live in...


Trip Spots – Where to go?

So it’s getting warm again finally, and really starting to look beautiful out. It makes me...


Charleston, SC

Trying to meet more people like me.. if you live here or near here post a comment or send a message.

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