Spiritual Hip Hop

Hey, recently I found some really cool hip hop music with spiritual lyrics. I was wondering if...


What do you think of my lyrics?

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best lyrics?

What are the best lyrics you’ve ever heard?


A world Vision…..please tell me what you think, id appreciate it:)

When I hear your breath I know I’m alive It’s calm and quiet, it gently thrives Your eyes filled...


For A Moment.

For a moment the clock stands still and i look out from this human hill tall I stand and out I look...


Keep Creating…meop-poam-meop-poam

Confused were all forced to conform Crafted in societal norms As a little kid they put me down That...


Sharing lyrics for happy musicians

Happy or not happy, that is the question… Hi guys, it’s been a while ! The new interface...


Song Thief With The Ability To Travel Through Time (Apparently)

I had a strange experience recently that I wanted to share with HE. What do you think, crazy dude...


[Blissic.com] –Startup for Lyricists, Singers, Rappers and Poets

Back in 2010 when I was a sophomore in college, like many other kids my age, I was a huge pothead....

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