Poem and Discussion ( Mushrooms: Magic Forest)

I took psychedelic mushrooms for the first time out in the forests of Colorado with my boyfriend and...


Drugs- to take or not to take?

To begin with I will first state, I have never taken any kind of recreational drugs…apart from...


Are neutrinos the key to people who see the future?

I just read an article on the internet that says neutrinos are particles that can travel beyond the...


I Literally Am Everything.

This really does blow my mind when I am consciously thinking about it. I started thinking about this...


What is 1 Most Mind blowing/Profound/Deep fact that you know?

Mine is: On a long enough timeline, Hydrogen eventually becomes aware of itself.


I want to know if you have seen this before?

It was like Midnight and I was Pretty High on some Nice Weed. So I head off to bed, and you wont...

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