Which are some of the most influential philosophical books and movies?


Movies similar to Coherence, The man from Earth and Sunshine ?

Is there any movies which is thought provoking and philosophical films like I listed above. I have...


The Most Thought-Provoking Thing(s) You've Ever Experienced

Hello everyone! I had just recently watched Garden State, after seeing it here on High Existence, as...


What are some cool hippie songs and movies out there?

Share some of your favorites.. movies or songs. Peace.


Movies on Reality or Parallel Worlds

Hey there movie enthusiasts :) I’m looking for movies related to separate realities, dream...


LSD trip TONIGHT!! Help please..

So tonight I’m going to trip on Lucy, alone, in my room and i can’t find anything to...


Trippy Movies?

anyone know of any trippy ass movies? ive seen Enter The Void and the pink floyd movie is there any...


Movie recommendations?

Hey guys, I’m searching for a nice movie that would go well with some popcorn ^_^ Have you...


The Fountain

First, I’d like to apologize to anyone who might have found my responses hostile. I’ve...


Believing in nothing.

If i was to say that nothing has inherent value or meaning then it’s like in that movie...


Lucy (the movie)

Just watched it last night. Honestly, I thought it was awesome. All about consciousness and pretty...


good documentaries?

anyone have any good documentary suggestions? particularly if they’re on the ocean or about...


Movies: Fan-made "Part 4" of the spectacular movies post.

So I am pretty new to this network, but have had a great time so far. I was checking out stuff and...


A Single Man

Okay, so I watched the movie A Single Man last night. I found it universally depressing and...


Top Movies on Drug Dealers,Mafias,Smugglers and Drug Addicts Please Please Share

please don,t miss a single either u had watched it or u find the name in any List of IMDb out...


Movies that make you think

I wanted to get some suggestions from you guys about movies that get you thinking about maybe...


Kindly suggest me Truly Hilarious movies ,Movies that gave pain in your Stomach

please suggest some Great comedies…new,old, does not matter…

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