What is the best birthday party?

I need advices as I want to make something unbelieveble for my husband (24 year old).


Do you think you are who you hang out with?

Idk im kind of confused with life. Like, i want to be a musician and I have a lot of other goals in...


Attention HEthens in the USA! Vote Anonymous 2016! The Humanity Party :)

“Anonymous is not an organization nor a group. Anonymous is an idea, and ideas are...


Chill vs. Party

I love to chill at home and do stuff by myself or with some friends over simply cause the party...


Balkan parties for xmas & new years eve?

Hello, we are planning to do a road-trip with friends within christmas holidays. We are thinking of...


Is it worth it?

I am going to the Wiz KHalifa & A$AP Rocky concert on wednesday & i was planning on trying...

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