Perceptions role

How does perception play a role into defining who your are and what your life will become?


Do you know the real you?

This is about questioning who you are. Questioning the world around you. Why are we trapped feeding...


Memory and Perception

Ive started this book called Noumenautics (if you’re well versed in philosophy and...


Based in Johannesburg, SA?

Would be cool to hook up with some like-minded peeps….


"All there is, is experience": Four Simple Arguments Against It

This discussion was originally created by ajmarriott on reddit. I thought I would share it with...


I'm unaware of how I am perceived by others

This is an ongoing problem that I am just recently realizing. Up until I met my fiancé 6 years ago,...


"You are Everything."

I’ve heard that phrase a lot now. In fact, I just watched a great video done with an Alan...


Today, Someone Asked Me What My Imperfections Are.

Bad. Bad nails, bad hair, bad skin, kinda chubby, kinda flippant, kinda neurotic, bad clothes, bad...


Lucid Dream Experience – Simple Fun and then… Spiritual Revelations

I’ve had plenty of lucid dreams; ask any of my friends and they’ll say I’ve ranted...


What Is Time?

I’ve been thinking and reading about the nature of time. I was so intrigued by the ideas that...


aspects of self discussion!!

Here is a discussion idea – describe the following 1.) an aspect of self, mentality, or...


Be You-Poem

My charm has fire my eyes a shade of blue come talk to me, don’t worry i’ll be true your...


socitial shame

This society is broken playing a game Acting like this is the first Time we came.. Creating divides...


Do you think that society as a western construct is nothing but a trap?

A trap that keeps you in the system as a good little worker bee forever contributing and...


End – An Existential Short Story

Edward felt the wind rip past his face. As it scraped along his stubble he could feel the division...


The Emergence of Our Wings (A look at how we let past define us)

Something which seems to create a struggle in all of us, is the inability to let go; the incapacity...


Coping with Revelation

When the the bedrock of your existence start crumbling in the face of revelation I find there is...


Jesus Christ

I just want to know what everyone’s thoughts are on Jesus. I’m not interested in...

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