An 'Ultraverse' that our universe orbits.

Hey there. I believe our universe, as part of a multiverse of universes, is orbiting an...


Why random exists: revised

Hello, I just wanted to share my idea of why random seems to exist and how it’s closely...


Theory of Everything! (Lore)

I have my own personal theory of physics and the nature of our reality. This isn’t meant to be...


Why random exists

Hey, I just wanted to share my idea of why random seems to exist, If you have any insight feel free...


Memory VS Reality

Reality seems to be structured by intense, unchanging physical principles with the capability of...


MIT Scientist Chris Nagel: "Matter is knotted Light" “Nagel has been...


Black holes and gravity

Could a singularity collapse in on itself? If so, what would the result be?


physics / psychology

Physical science aka physics, I believe is but one side of a coin. Where social sciences like...


Who was a better physicist?

Albert Einstein or Harry Vardon?


It's all the same God

I’ve been thinking about religion and the world a lot for quite some time now. A couple days...


We Are Infinity

Everything that exists is interpreted by us. Our evaluation, of the numbers which comprise our...


The Fabric of Reality

Science is about shedding layers to discover how the physical universe works at it’s very...


Rock in space

There is a splitting level that represents the distance between two states of understand, these...


Physics and Fate (push and pull)

Are you pushed forward by the laboring past, subject to the friction and inertia of energy...


)1( + (+1-) = ∞ The answer to God.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12……….… Our numerical system has potentially a never...


Consciousness and Spirituality: The lost aspects of the standard model

The standard model is widely known as the theory of “almost” everything, but it occurs...


5 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming And Actually Controlling It

**** For full article with pictures and many other interesting posts,. click here. Or just read on...


Deeper level of Physics than Quantum Mechanics

Hey all, Just came across an interesting article about a nobel prize winning physicist who...

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