Vibrancy of Then – A poem

The past looks so vibrant when looked at through the glass of now. Later, now will be just as...


All people who like fun and mind-stuff

donk doink boink spank banking yurry-yuritus lengalengnitus can you smell the meet inside us can you...


sorrow to the moon

I sing my sorrow to the moon as my love flows from my soul, and all in all it doesn’t matter...


the positivity in a storm

the sound of agonizing thunder and empathizing rain is what puts me to sleep is the hope of being...


for clouds to pollute

the already dreary heart is but a mere illusion of gloom and doom, but take a look closer and you...


the universe is a carcass

the universe is but a carcass without the soul it would be lifeless



This is a poem I wrote; or I guess I would call it that. I’d really like to hear poetry or...


∞ themed poetry – expressions of endlessness.

i had to post this to a website that might not just ignore it. please send your own too ^_^ nothing...


Favorite Blogs for Arts

Hey HEthens, Just wondering what your favorite blogs were relating to the any of the arts...


Wants and Needs

Wants and needs. Needless to say, everyone pays. Pay the man his money. Money runs this country. My...


Taking Notice

This happened the other night so I wrote about it. I would love to hear some feedback or poems...


Thoughts on God

Being raised Catholic and attending 12 years of Catholic school, I was always someone who believed...


This is Plagiarism: 'I am Trying to Tell You'

i am trying to tell you you can’t test the ocean without warming it with your hand that jupiter is...


Fuck a flashy headline, read if you're bored. (:

Last night I dreamt of two mountainous rocks shadowing overhead, one to my left and one to my right....


Pen Pal

Hi guys. I’m a 20 year old female looking for a pen pal. Anyone interested?


Jonathan Gavazzi 'A Tired Song Keeps Playing'

Jonathan Gavazzi A Tired Song Keeps Playing Speak the blue house against a subtle tongue, Jonathan...


Walking the Stars

~Remember that we are children of the stars~ – – – – – – –...


Inside of a Mindset

These past couple of days I have been really inside my own mind. I don’t know if this is a...

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