What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Something positive that always keeps you inspired.


The Window

She looked through the window And saw a broken world And as she sat, she saw the stars And as the...


My DMT experience

Hey guys, my names Nicole and I’ve been wanting to share my first dmt trip for a while now and...


Plastic Surgeon on Positive Thinking?

Anyone remember what the book (&audiobook) was called regarding the plastic surgeon who talked...


What pulls you out and lifts you up?

When you are in a place of negativity, when you find yourself struggling doubting and falling into...


So you wanna be a bad ass alpha who everyone loves

Step 1: Learn to love yourself Step 2: Belief in yourself Step 3: Trust your self How can anyone...


To Inspire Creativity

Assuming you’ve read the latest article, I feel like a good way to reduce the zombie count is...


No insult challenge

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how negative insults really are and how that shapes...


Crazy week , but I'm still surviving

Okay so I just need to get some shit off my chest . This whole last week has been incredibly hectic...


Happy books/stories PLEASE?

Yo anyone out there know any happy books/stories that are happy, inspirational, joyous,...

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