Why have the most profound moments I have had, been in community with others?

The moments in my life that I have been most serene or at peace, has been with other people. I...


Profound Realizations/thoughts/epiphanies

I was commenting on a post on facebook when I said something utterly profound. It took me a second...


A High Like None Other (Meteor Watching)

My friend and I smoked a large bowl of this REALLY potent pot (the same strain I broke my pot...


What is 1 Most Mind blowing/Profound/Deep fact that you know?

Mine is: On a long enough timeline, Hydrogen eventually becomes aware of itself.


Life Together

Read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book life together. It is an amazing book! Anyone who is interested...


This man Jibankrishna the Holy Ghost and my diary of divine dreams

Chapter – 1 A brief note about Jibankrishna or Diamond Jibankrishna or Diamond was born on May...

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