What are your favorite books? – style, dialogue, literary prowess etc.

EVEN BETTER IF YOU CHOSE YOUR ABSOLUTE #1 FAV I hope this isn’t a dup but i didn’t have...


Has anyone read this?

I was reading short stories around wattpad and this one sort of blew my mind. It kind of got to me a...


What's your favorite book?

Let’s talk about books for a wile :) and share with people what’ s worth reading ) 


Have you read the quran?

Anyone read it? What is your take on it? Is it worth a read? Any other suggestions on it?


The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Has anyone else read this short story? I read it during an English class, and it has always stuck...


Fiction Novel Suggestions??

I enjoy reading all kinds of different books, but especially those with a strong inspiring message....


Looking for good books to read…

I was hoping I could gather some recommendations of good books. I really enjoy good sci-fi (all time...


If i tell you leave your ego behind…..

if i tell you leave your ego behind, and you ask me what i mean, you say you don’t understand the...


Another poem… the light

When I notice the truth, it picks no favorite It’ll accept against the lies, picking up anyone...


"I am who the people of your planet call Lucifer" Part 1

It was an evening like any other. I was locking up the lab as I always do, being the head supervisor...


The Four Agreements / Untethered Soul

Anyone read these books yet? I just picked them up seeing as I am still trying to learn as many new...

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