Do you believe in love?

Does love exist? Or is it a dream, imagination?


worth it

is it worth it? the challenge & pain is it worth it? or are these efforts in vain could be so...


Third Eye Sharp

okay so one night i was getting high at a friends and skated home. then, still hugh, i laid down and...


Everything you can imagine is real

What do you think Pablo Picasso meant when he said this?


How To Transend: Channeling From Beings Of Love

I am Drake, I am a channeler of BOTH sides (light and dark if you will), however, for this...


2 Real Life Insights From Lucid Dreaming

A few years ago I heard about lucid dreaming through the internet. It sparked my interest so I began...


shadow people are they real?

I have experience many things I can not explain…..


Means to discover when infinite, is 100% complete, starting from absolute ZERO.

Could it be infinite is impossible to discover, with the means we measure? ARE we using a scale set...


Dear undying or immortal,

i am assuming if you are as described you are of an intelligence that can master something simple...



Hey everyone! I have been on this site for a little while now. Most people here are surprisingly...


A friend of mine is an aspiring "rapper"


Canadian Minister of Defense UFO disclosure video

Has anyone else seen this? I’m sure you have. Just thought it was worth sharing....


Definition of Truth, What is real?

What is your definition of truth? Mine is “what is consistent relative to what you observe and...


Emptiness Embodied

Emptiness (sometimes referred to as Śūnyatā) is the theory that phenomenon do not have...

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