Why can't you discuss religion in school?

Can people not be civilized enough to discuss these topics? Can believers not handle the all to real...


Religion vs Philosophy

To me religion is like a piece of furniture you buy from Ikea. It Comes with instructions to which...


Relativism: Is there no absolute truth in the world?

The idea of relativism has intrigued me over the past few months and I think it is a valid topic to...


I want to learn to "Be Love"

I want to learn how to “be love” meaning be loving and caring to all people and have an...


Question for those who believe in the Holy Spirit….

I know this may offend people so just deal with the question as a rational and open minded adult...


Question about American right wing politics/religion

Okay… so there is something that has really bothered me over the last year in American...


Removed from the Catholic Church?

Does anybody know if it’s possible to be removed from the Catholic Church. I was not given the...


What do I do..

I got on this site thinking it was something total different. Only reason I am on here is because...


Coming out as an Atheist

I have been visiting this site often for the last year or so but this is the first time I felt...


The person I love is very religious.

I am quite young and in love. I have known for awhile that i am agnostic. I have different views...


Can anybody give me a solid reason for not wanting to attend church?

I ask the question because im taking a stand for myself and id like to know if anybody else is...



Can you believe in one God but many religions?


Be not conformed to this world….

Everybody if not most people know this verse: Romans 12:2 King James Version (KJV) 2 And be not...


Lately I have insanely weird, and yet super vivid dreams.

Ok, so I’ve had 3 of these dreams so far. They go as follows. 1. Me and my whole family are at...


Sin: The Number 1 Human Disease ?!

What is sin? How harmful is it? Does it even exist? or did Mankind make up to keep us in order?


Religion only for those who are totally lost.

“Religion, only for those who are totally lost; it gives some key ideas to a road of truth, but...


This man Jibankrishna (Diamond) who appears in dreams and reality as unknown man

Seeing Jibankrishna in physical body before I met him in reality Dwipendra Krishna Chanda It was...

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