[Official] Share and discuss your amateur poetry and stories.

I recently wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to try my hand at poetry. Since I’ve...


What do I need to do To stop this Affair?

Hey, My name is Raja I’m 19 years old and 6 months ago back in july on the 19th I met...


Thoughts on Romance.

Share your experiences with that feeling. How you felt when you were romance?  r


What is the purpose of romantic love?

Where does it fit in, if we’re all just parts of one consciousness? If time is irrelevant, or...


Need Help & Advice (Taking mushrooms with girlfriend who has leukemia)

Hey guys! I’m currently at a stage of renewal and personal growth. I am 20 years old and...


Being friends by falling out of love

My ex ended our romantic relationship about six weeks ago. I met her at university, but it became...


Painful past, desperate present – a poem

Remember when we kissed in the rain? And spun around till we were dizzy? Remember that feeling you...


Love overcomes distance.

In October I moved across the united states to be with my boyfriend. We moved in together before...



Obviously, deep down, my attraction to a woman (or man for that matter) is purely basic biology. I...


Share your poetry

Post your own creations, or just your favourite poem by somebody else here. It would be great if you...


Another lovey post…sorry :P

I went on a reatreat this weekend called Greater Than Yourself. It was amazing. Anyway, I met this...


Signs a girl likes me

I like this girl, but I’m not sure she feels the same way. This is our relationship so far: We...


My Life. Psycho-Self Analysis of Parental Death Effects.

i’m a 20 year old female and the 5 year anniversary of my fathers death is coming up,...

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