Any pointers on my "spiritual search"?

I know I’m already barking up the wrong tree by referring to it as a “spiritual...


Inner Wealth – A story of doing nothing

Then I realized I don’t really know who I am. Always keeping myself occupied, doing something,...


Safe bet

If you are ever trying to decide if you like someone or not. You should probably just like them.


Religions- Expressions of the Same Thing- Find your Expression

Some of us ( you know who you are) just have this deep connection to pursuing something...


What 3 truths would you hang your life on?

I used to believe only one thing can be true. The Descartes “I think therefore, I am” or...


search function

I am so enamored of this site, looking for a music thread I caught a few days ago and lost. I wish...


What I want to do for the rest of my life

Ok so I’ve just graduated high school and now that my summer adventures have began to subside...


Self-made prison

Last weekend, for the first time in my life, I broke a rule. You might smirk about it, because for...

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