What are some of the ways you improve yourself everyday?

What are some of the steps that you take towards self-growth in all aspects of life; mentally,...


The Perfect Day

Good afternoon folks,  In less than a month I will be quitting my current job of two years...


How can I find more spiritual people?

Hey guys! I will be living in a new country for the next 6 months.  I have recently begun a...


The Answer to the Question

I’m here today to begin letting thoughts go. I’ve recently been informed, or rather I should say...


Best individual advice on living

What’s your advice on being the best that you can be? 


What's the benefit of being mysterious or having a verbal filter?

Other than making you seem more likable and interesting… What is the benefit of always...


Being the Peace You Seek – Revisited

<p style=”color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman",...


Meaning without Struggle

Hello friends A few months ago I decided to quit my job, sell as many of my possessions as I could...


How to become more stable? (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Dear All  I have been reading High Existence for a while now and thought I should attempt to...


How to let go of judgement

This is something I’ve been struggling a lot lately, and honestly I just can’t find some...


The Trouble with the Road Less Traveled

Lately it seems that as I discover and accept different aspects of myself, they are in conflict with...


New Habit Ideas

I can safely assume that if you’re here, reading this, you’re a person who believes in...


What is better than existence?

Does the existence of the big tree have more value than the existence of the small shrub growing...


Coming back after 1.5 years… I have discovered new things about myself

Hey guys! So I have returned, allthough I have changed a lot.I can’t believe it was only one...


Personal Growth With MDMA?

Heyoo HEthens, Over the past few months I have experimented with LSD and DMT. Both of which have...


Self-discipline over motivation.

Motivation can feel unreliable and fleeting at times. You can just lose it without warning after a...


Escaping the "herd?"

Living an above average life in an average environment is not for the simple minded. Breaking the...


Life wisdoms

What are some of the greatest life wisdoms you’ve discovered throughout the years?

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