Connecting Through Social Media

Hey, anyone wants to connect through Social Media so we can talk about spirituality, worldviews, and...


Traveling experience: where have you been?

Hi everyone :) let’s share our travel experience and feelings in it )


Shared account or Family Plan to save on Lumosity

Hi, so I just got into Lumosity and it would be great to do long term. The only thing is that its...


collector of perspectives

i am the manic jester , the flame ignited in mind by the gas of flatulence brought by the world that...


Who wants to go on an EPIC adventure with me? :P

I want to turn my life into an adventure! Fuck whats normal! I’m not living my life based on...


I would like to discuss my poetry with whoever would like to discuss :)

hello, i have recently started writing poetry and was hoping i could find someone to discuss it...


Near Death

Hi all, I just remembered this story of mine, and I’d like to share it. The story is written...


This citizens initiative forces the EU to consider legalizing cannabis! share it

Hello everyone! I have something important to share with you all today! It’s a citizens...


Religious Beliefs

I’m beginning to explore religion, and I would like to hear different beliefs and opinions on...


HighExistence Paris

Hey HEthens, I created this FB group in case HEthens would like to meet up in Paris....


Who Wants the Life of a Broke-Ass Musician?

I’ve convinced myself, for better or worse, that making music is what I want to do with my...


Add me on FB?

Alright, so this is an attempt to try to get to familiarize myself with interesting...

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